Thursday, 23 November 2017



By Margaretta wa Gacheru (posted November 23, 2017

The jazz duo from Austria, b.good vogel, will be performing Tuesday night from 6pm at the Michael Joseph Centre in Westlands.

Identifying themselves as an electro/acoustic duo, both Marc Vogel and Barry Good (aka Lukas Schiener) are highly trained musicians. They’ll specialize in their Nairobi debut in modern jazz and funky groove music. But those labels can’t embrace what they’ll do with one drum set, one saxophone, a synthesizer and master keyboard.

b. good vogel are also poets and singers as well as instrumentalists. So one can expect a fascinating form of groovy jazz as it will be mixed with slam poetry, original compositions and a style of music that should be brand new to Nairobi.

They’ve explained in advance that their performance will begin with simple acoustic (non-electronic) sounds coming from Vogel’s drums and Good’s jazz sax. But once they get on the synthesizer and master keyboardd, their music will grow and build up into what’s bound to sound like a large orchestral ensemble.

It’s sad that the two will only give one scheduled performance next Tuesday. But as they are guests of the Austrian Embassy, they may be persuaded to perform in other arenas before they head back home to Vienna. Come to Michael Joseph Centre at the Safaricom Building Tuesday to find out more.

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