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By Margaretta Wa Gacheru (posted November 29 2017

Geraldine Robarts has been a prolific painter from the time she picked up the brush a loving relation gave her as a little girl. She hasn’t stopped painting since then.

That may explain why Geraldine will hold a gigantic Christmas sale of her artworks this weekend, December 2nd and 3rd, from 10am to 6pm at her home at 56 Kibo Lane in Karen.

More than 2000 colorful oil paintings and prints will be available at more than ‘affordable’ prices. The prints will start from Sh1,000 each while the paintings will run anywhere from Sh5,000 on up.

Geraldine can easily be described as a doyenne of East African art, having taught countless Kenyan and Ugandan artists from the 1970s. She spent several years at Makerere University teaching at the Margaret Trowell School of Fine Art. Subsequently, she moved with her family to Kenya where she continued to teach at Kenyatta University’s Department of Fine Art.

But Geraldine’s passion for painting compelled her to make the choice to focus solely on her art. For several years she’s worked full-time painting with a preference for oils and a passion for brilliant sun-kissed equatorial colors.

Her paintings and prints range from naturalism and impressionism to semi-abstract and abstract expressionist works. What’s more, they come in all sizes, from miniature to monumental such that they can be easily sent by post to loved one overseas or upcountry.

But one might be more inclined to buy a holiday present for one’s self since it’s rare that one will see Geraldine’s art be available for rock-bottom prices.

She’ll also show more pricey pieces, especially works that have taken her hours and days to complete. But it’s worth a trip to Karen just to see what artworks you might afford to take away and enjoy.

If you think you’ll find a moment to make it out to Geraldine’s and Mike’s place, they request that you give them a call at 0722528931 or send them an email at Fairhead.michael@gmail.com.

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