Friday, 5 May 2017


Evans Maina Ngure’s first inspiration was his father who showed him how to draw cartoons and cars. He was fortunate to have had art classes up through Kenyatta University where he majored in painting. It was at KU that he was first encouraged to create art using ‘unconventional materials’ which naturally led him to start working with what other people called junk. Today he works with an assortment of found objects, such as zippers, spare parts from cars, buttons and used belts from Gikomba. He continues to ‘paint’ however his canvases are also filled with junk items. He also creating wearable art such jewelry, wind chimes, collages, back packs and purses. But his current exhibition at BIEA focuses on the creation of creatures, both wild and domestic which he designs with more ‘unconventional materials.”

Evans has exhibited all over Nairobi, from the Village Market, Dusit D2 Hotel, Nairobi National Museum, K1 Flea Market, Nairobi Gallery and ISK. His artwork is also available to see on Facebook (evans maina Ngure) and Instagram (Evans Ngure).

‘IRREPLACEABLE’ is an exhibition celebrating endangered species that are crucial to the continuity of life on planet Earth. He chooses to create this series of collage art to raise public awareness of the threat posed to the animals he’s created by human activities which have been the cause of pollution, climate change, degradation of all eco-systems and finally the potential extinction of not only animals but human beings as well.

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