Friday, 1 March 2019


Today, March 1st, i went many places. From Kariobangi South to Umoja then to Kayole and back to K-South, then finally back to Nation Centre.
But in between, I lost my phone, my innocent Infinix (not the iphone above). But I was busy helping the Rotarians and the Canadians who'd sponsored 1,000 mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, sweaters, etc for school children from the less fortunate side of Nairobi, Kayole, I wasn't concerned. Oddly enough, I was busy assembling the bed-kits for the kids which were un-assembled when we arrived at 8am at Kayole 1 Primary School. But after we managed to work with the bigger boys to assemble the kits, and then watched the children line up for photos by the Canadians who were distributing the kits in a loving and gracious fashion, I knew it was time for me to get back to work. so i got a boda boda to Kariobangi South where i boarded a bus as is my daily routine. but while checking the photos i had taken using my iphone, i got a call from a man who called himself Hussein. He said he had my phone!! he got it from a street boy whom he often assists (Hussein works at his family's restaurant, Mithaiwalla in Pangani). As the story gradually came out, Hussein invited me to come pick the phone up in Pangani at his restaurant. He then admitted the boy had tried to see the phone to him but Hussein had told him it was better for him to do the honest thing. so he agreed and left it with Hussein, who told the boy he would be blessed for his honesty. 
But I am the one who is blessed. I feel i wasn't disturbed about 'losing' the phone, feeling as if i would get it back. not blind faith but rather some assured feeling.
Anyway, Adonijah in my office helped me find Mithaiwalla on Google map, but the city street names are out of date. Fairview is no longer that. It is Bujumbura. But at least Adon was able to tell me to take Juja Road to Fairview at the Mamba petrol station, which i did with my favorite boda boda guy, Kennedy.
Kennedy helps me when I call him at 11pm but since T discovered he starts work at 11am, i called him to help me find Mithaiwalla, a place he actually knew. So we went down Thika road to Juja Road, found the petrol station and Bujumbura and boom, there was the restaurant, a proper Indian restaurant that is named after Hussein's grandfather A.A. Mithaiwalla 
as soon as i walked in the place, i asked the man seated at the counter for Hussein. He was Hussein and he had my phone. but there were so many Indian sweets there i had to check them out. I used to live on those yummy delicacies. Anyway, i also asked about kebabs since i wanted to get food for Kennedy, preferably food to go. The owner, Hussein's father assisted me and gave me and Kennedy two kebabs and a spring roll which we packed and then i tried the carrot sweet and the milk sweet called bharfy. i also left something small small (but not so small) for the street boy and told Hussein to take half. but he refused.
I will go back to the Mithaiwalla and recommend that you get there too.  it's all 'halal' food with all kinds of pilaus, curries, samosas, biryanis and even chicken tikka. they even have sides of kachumbari and yoghurt. lovely!

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