Wednesday, 1 May 2019


By Margaretta wa Gacheru (posted May 1st for May 3rd, 2019)

This year’s Home and Gardens Fair at Sarit Centre was bustling with busy shoppers on Labor Day.
They were happily taking advantage of the many sales underway as venders explained prices would go up once merchandise went back to their respective showrooms.
In the meantime, most venders were doing booming business. “It’s great that the Fair started on a holiday,” says Taha Bhaiji, standing on the edge of the four stalls his company had rented to display all the Tefal products. “Normally, the first day of the Fair is a bit slow, but today there’s no traffic so people are coming,” he adds as he watches shoppers lining up to buy his pots, pans, cups, jugs and pressure cookers marked down substantially.
The variety of items for sale at Sarit’s Exhibition Hall through Sunday ranges from carpets (Persian or Chinese), pillows, mattresses and Tupperware to furniture made with everything from plastic and mahogany to bamboo and Styrofoam beans. There is even one company, One Square Projects, that imports fresh fruits from South Africa, packaged in rose wood boxes which are then recycled into home furnishings, everything from beds and book shelves to benches, wall partitions and even garden gazebos.
Among the home appliances, the water purification products are the ones drawing the largest crowds on opening day. Lotus Africa displays both electrical and manual dispensers that can be easily set on a kitchen or dining room table.
At the stand displaying Persian rugs, there is also a glass cabinet filled with beautiful sterling silver jewelry, which runs from Sh1000 up to Sh85,000.
Speaking of beauty, at the far-end of the fair there are two lovely displays. There are the Plantcare Gardeners from Limuru and Shaila’s Silk Flowers from Thailand. Both offer items sure to beautify one’s home and garden.

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